DJ Seymour Nurse "The Eye Of Infinity" recorded August 2009
This mix has been a long time coming I know, but yet again it, worth the wait. Mix includes the likes of Paquito D'Rivera, Azar Lawrence and Eberhard Weber. Composition and musicality is a rare thing today if you listen to mainstream radio. So find a comfortable place, relax and enjoy this exception to the norm.

A Boogiebwoy Selection recorded March 2009
A long time coming I know, but here it is. Opening tracks are epic compositions from Roy Hargrove and Sir Stanley Clarke. The mix deviates into the talented Khari Lemuel (fantastic album), Kaidi Tatham from his Jap only release "A New Hope", then onto some broken things. Mint Condition feature twice, has to be done! Oh, check the mad track from Jaymz Nylon. Aagh!

DJ Seymour Nurse "Dimensions Of Infinite Possibilities" recorded September 2008
Mr Nurse dropping a thoughtful September mix, rich in composition and imagination. Artists include Jack DeJohnette, Eberhard Weber, Lyle Mays and Pat Metheny. Find a comfortable, quiet space and listen.

DJ Seymour Nurse "Transcending All That We Know" recorded May 2008
There's a message in the music. Seymour presents a beautiful mix of acoustic and electric sounds from the jazz spectrum and beyond. Again, you need this playlist. An education.

A Boogiebwoy Selection recorded January 2008
This mix was sitting on my hard drive til now (May)! Ultraboogie back in sync with Fertile Ground, Joshua Redman, TFox, the wonderful Erik Rico, some now sounding R&B funkiness from Keite Young, Ursula Rucker and more.