Dancing has remained a place of solitude and because of this, personality is what really stands out for me. Although music and dancing has taken an abrupt direction when it comes to quality. Whether it is the over abundance of commercialism dancing has become anticlimactic when it comes to good music. These situations stifle the growth of originality in my opinion. The aesthetics to music and dancing carry a bond one could say. Exploring music globally from the past to the present can help broaden your horizon to sounds, language, and culture; in which stimulates originality and appreciation. My point of view is directed towards house, hip-hop and jazz dancing (if you will). History has given us much to look at when it comes to dancing, (documentaries, videos, and clubs). But I think what is equally important is what dancers have said when it comes down to dancing. For instance, the Wreckin' Shop Live from Brooklyn a.k.a. "ALIVE TV was a very good documentary, but what was inconspicuous although loosely said was (I'm paraphrasing) “knowing the right combinations you can go on extensively. Dancing reflects much of what type of person you maybe. Whether you're a person that is patient, explosive, aggressive, complicated, joyful, egoistical, copier, or intricate thinker it will show in your dancing.

Now the dilemma is there is a political society involved. Who is good, Who is bad? When you ask a person that is a medium to this all, well the answer would be simply, there is no good or bad house, hip-hop or jazz dancer there is only expression. Unfortunately, we are critics and there is good and bad dancers. For example, I have been to The Shelter Club in New York. You will have a night filled with diverse dancers and when it comes to dancing in the circle. It seems there are certain few privileged and recognized as dancers by the cheers and clapping. A dancer that has been known for teaching classes, doing shows, seen on videos begins dancing; the crowd begins to clap and scream. He does a couple of moves that I found to be basic moves and yet the crowd is amazed. Where as, a person unseen before in this club was dancing in the circle. This guy was loving the moment with nonmechanical moves he dance fluently and never made a mistake from my point of view. The crowed gave really no love to this person. Why, was it the dancing or he had no name in scene?

Recognition can bring an egotistical style to some people. With this attitude I feel this degrades one’s compassion for dancing. Is this possible? A dancer begins making money, partying, and traveling then loses the sense of creativity like he or she began. A few friends and I say that is the problem now. When you did not have the money you had the hunger for dancing, when you received the money you got to fat and lazy to dance. Hahaha!!! Well this may not happen to everyone, but it is happening more than we think.

As for teaching, well that is a bit challenging. I thought about it, but I need another way to express it. In my opinion to teaching house, hip-hop, jazz dancing I find most teachers show 1,2,3, move routines, but they never teach them to think original for themselves. Classes are taught but the student learns to mimic the teachers’ style (I say personality) Teaching and learning involves showing how to explore with music, feelings, and moves. Basic moves are shown, but also to encourage creative changes to the move. When we got into dancing we had a few friends over talking about moves, music and having little sessions. Feeling comfortable falling and being embarrassed felt good. As well as, finding ways to come out of a bad move. This is how we learned why not teach that way? HA! Maybe I'll find a way to teach this way.

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