Paradiso Amsterdam showcase a whole host of live acts www.fabchannel.com Check out the othter styles on the videos page www.style2ouf.com respect to you KeMp for the site, and good looking out Inna Vision. The French show the way with their annual stand up dance competiont www.justedebout.com The man, the voice www.dwighttrible.com There's more to life than spinning on your head www.twilightplayers.com/main.htm This dancing thing really needs some help so here we go .. check out these links Don Cambell know as the innovator www.tonytee.com/campbellock/campbellock.html www.fantasticpoppers.com/shoutouts.htm www.msu.edu/user/okumurak/styles/pop.html Are you a DJ wanting to spend some bucks check out www.decks.co.uk Sign up and you may be select for the next edition of the www.redbullmusicacademy.com Literary people go visit www.applesandsnakes.org look closely and you will see the Dark One and Jacob Sam-La Rose Just reach North Sea Jazz Festival quality acts from across the globe www.northseajazz.nl The future is now the future is the Pioneer DVJ-X1 www.pioneerprodj.com UK Jazz dancers look out The Japs have done their homework check the video clips 1 / 2 (thanks Inna Vision) Give yourself another perspective on music and dance www.urbantap.net/site/index2.html  A forum for the cultural exchange between diverse communities from  around the world do read the content www.thecolouroflife.com Jonzi D www.jonzi-d.com pushing the boundaries of Black UK  dance A must see '13 Mics' check www.benjireid.com Keeping you in the know about all things left of centre www.knowtheledge.net A great source of old new vinyl cds reliable postal service www.dustygroove.com Broken beats house occasional hip-hop tings www.vinyl-junkies.co.uk Tony Nwachukwu (Attica Blues / Nepa recordings) hosts a monthly forum named CDR "A night of ideas and tracks in the making" www.burntprogress.com If music technology is your thing then check www.digitalvillage.co.uk The digital filmmaker's resource site www.uemedia.com useful info and links on all things DV Big up Charlie Dark and the Blacktronica crew www.blacktronica.com Premier UK nu school music production collective www.bugzintheattic.net  A shed load of contemporary dance music www.juno.co.uk soundbytes of every product available One of the safer sites to download apps take a peek at www.download.com Jazz for the new millennium check out www.dunejazz.com make sure you can count past four Wanna know what my mates Me'shelle and D'Angelo are up to? check out www.okayplayer.com  The bible for all things left of centre www.straightnochaser.co.uk this music magazine is read and respected worldwide The original hip-hop lyrics archive www.ohhla.com hey I can sing along to Busta! Ze Germans are on the case www.jazz-not-jazz.de providing an online catalog of jazz influenced CD releases

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shiftless shuffle
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rasiyah and drew
inna vision & mind eye
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