A collector of boogie inspired tunes for over 25 years, pounding the London dancefloors for 20 or more (ahem). Garth feels blessed to have witnessed the baaadest dancers and DJs London will ever see. His mission is to unite those out there who share the same spirit to boogie to quality futuristic music, varying styles, tempos and time signatures. The musical past and present have their place on the same dancefloor. There is more out there than R&B, Hip-Hop and House. Music, friendship and thowing down is what it's all about. Garth is the founder of Ultraboogie and Wonderland, co-founder of the Deep End and BopGun parties. Tired of hearing the same ol sh*t G decided to fight back. "A change is what we need. With the mighty CoOp, Da Circle Of Sole, Shiftless Shuffle and now Wonderland .. it's coming,nd it's about time. Bring it back!"

I first developed a love for Jazz / Brazilian music from the age of 5, through film and TV scores, which were very influenced by Jazz and "Bossa Nova / Samba" in the early 1970s. I was also very much into soul and funk at 7 years old from my parents, older cousins and friends. Some find it quite fascinating that I was exposed to this kind of music at such a young age, but I came from a black family that listened to 'black' music, so this was very normal for us.
I first got connected to the Jazz Scene during its early development in 1979. DJs were respected, but the whole 'superstardom' thing did not really exist amongst us back then. It was the dancers who were running the joints. As a DJ myself, I believe that credit should be given to the artists themselves, for they are "the music makers and the dreamers of the dreams". We DJs are merely presenting 'other' peoples work.
The Jazz Room at the Electric Ballroom is by far the most amazing Jazz session I have ever been to, for I have never experienced anything like it before, or since. Off the dancefloor, I listen to Milton Nascimento, Toninho Horta, Claude Debussy, Ennio Morricone, and various other artists. Pat Metheny is my "all time" musician / composer, for nobody has moved me in the way he has. I regard his music as, "The Soundtrack Of My Life".


started their Da Circle Of Sole sessions through their mutual passion for refreshing quality music made by progressive artists like Dego, Demus, IG Culture, Bugz in the Attic, Jazzanova, Moonstar and other like minded musicians. They set up Da Circle Of Sole as a platform for Jazz dancers and quality music lovers to express themselves and to progress in their own passion. Besides starting up Rotterdam's successful Broken Beat Future Jazz monthly, plans are there to start programming live sessions, JazzSole will be the brand where all of their forthcoming projects will be realised. The Ultraboogie radio shows are rooted from their passion.

MACKY M (The Specialist)
For me, experiencing the Soul, Funk and Jazz music produced back in the early 80's heavily influences the music I collect now. By the late 80's I was very much into Electro, Hip Hop beats and House music. I started playing out back in 1989. From then on I've listened to all kinds of dance beats. Soulful House, Electric Jazz, Neo Soul. Anything I can feel. I try to collect music from around the globe that inspires me to express myself and communicate to those who open their minds to varied dance flavours. I look forward to future music from everywhere. So peace and love to all music lovers around the world. Yours truly "Macky".

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